“T877 gives students a fascinating, broad insight into development. It takes you through issues such as poverty, inequality, global development frameworks etc. The module encourages you to think critically about your own preconceived notions. Yes, the economic wealth of many countries is growing, but is it fair to withdraw support and declare a country as ‘middle income’ when a minority holds the majority of all the wealth? What happens to all those who are still not benefitting from development? Who are they? How can we reach them? And what happens when they don’t WANT to be reached? If you are eager to challenge, debate and be enlightened, then I highly recommend this module”.

Heidi McCafferty, Manager, Research & Communications, Strategic Research Area, International Development & Inclusive Innovation, The Open University

The wider DPP environment is collaborative and provides many opportunities for additional training, early publishing, and presentation of work.

Farah Huzair