Inclusive Innovation and Development

The Development Policy and Practice Group carry out research in innovation systems, development studies and development management. The group has extensive networks within and outside the University. Within the University, the group is part of the interfaculty Innovation, Knowledge and Development (IKD) Research Centre and co-hosts the Innogen Institute with the University of Edinburgh. In the UK the group works closely with academics from a range of development studies institutes and with a consortium of non-governmental organisations. Internationally, it has research and teaching collaborations with staff and institutions from more than 20 countries. It has developed a facilitative capacity to bring people together to work in new programmes, courses and research.

The group is recognised for its internationally excellent interdisciplinary research on innovation and development and for its growing profile in generating theoretically informed and empirically grounded knowledge on the roles and impacts of individuals, groups and systems in development processes. The group is continuously developing new conceptual frameworks and avenues of inquiry and prides itself in being able to attract and retain world-class researchers and students who are willing and able to expand conceptual and empirical horizons. The group’s network of local and global partners provides students and researchers access to a vibrant intellectual community.

Potential research projects

Within the context of innovation and development, we are interested in research about innovation as a driver of social change that helps the poorer sections of society. We welcome proposals which address issues of innovation, equity and social justice in both the developed and developing world. Potential projects include:

  • Institutions, markets and processes of innovation
  • The role of co-operatives in inclusive innovation and sustainable development
  • Governance of innovation and development
  • Inclusive innovation and the role of politics and power
  • Evaluation and measurement of inclusive innovation

Potential supervisors

•    Prof Hazel Johnson

•    Prof Joanna Chataway

•    Prof Theo Papaioannou

•    Dr Dinar Kale

Studying at DPP is like being part of a large, warm, supportive family. During my PhD, from my supervisor to the faculty at the unit and secretarial support, everything was par excellence.

Masuma Farooki