Health systems and development 

Emerging life science technologies and innovations have the potential to revolutionise healthcare and improve human welfare in developing countries. A key barrier to entry for these emerging technologies is understanding the complexity of the innovation process – not only the factors influencing product development, but also issues of access, procurement and capacity within the health system.  Our research in DPP, embedded in multi-disciplinary and novel social science approaches, seeks to shed some light on how appropriate innovations and capacities can emerge and spread, become embedded in and influence health systems, but overall how they can be measured and evaluated in light of the envisaged affordable and equitable access to high quality health care.

Potential research projects

  • Health product development partnerships and beyond
  • Procurement as a policy tool for local innovation
  • Inclusive industrial innovation for local LMIC health strengthening 
  • Global health governance and regulations
  • Technological capability development in healthcare industries based in developing countries  

Current / recent research projects

We have had a number of externally and internally funded research projects, including:

  • Pharmaceutical sector standards in developing countries 
  • Medical device industries in emerging economies 
  • Innovative spending in Global health
  • Bio economy, pharmaceuticals and the global economy 

Potential supervisors

Dr Dinar Kale

Dr Julius Mugwagwa 

Dr Rebecca Hanlin

Professor Joanna Chataway

Professor David Wield

Thanks to everyone in DPP, you inspired me in many ways that were and will always be a reminder of how fantastic a friendly working environment and team work is even in tough times. I can never thank you enough

Vuyo Mjimba