As part of the OU's Getting to Know podcast series, members of MCT, including IKD's Julius Mugwagwa and Dinar Kale, provide a short introduction to their research and teaching. Both Julius and Dinar's work centres on the provision of affordable and appropriate healthcare in developing countries. 

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In her inaugural lecture, Professor Hazel Johnson looks behind changes in the world economy, rising powers and new technologies to reveal the struggles of individuals, groups and organisations to improve their livelihoods. In the process she enables us to see their agency, and the opportunities and contradictions in interventions aimed at changing their conditions.

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In seeking to be part of global value chains (GVCs), it is important to know and understand the core incompetencies and competencies of business or government, respectively, in order to "prioritise and specialise" the vertical value chain, Open University Professor Raphael Kaplinsky said at Thursday's Economies of Regions Learning Network meeting in Pretoria.

Professor Raphael Kaplinsky, a Professor of International Development at the Development Policy and Practice speaks about Misconceptions, realities and unanswered questions: China's engagement with Africa.

The event was held at ODI offices in London on 20 January 2014. More information can be found here

Raphael Kaplinsky, Professor of International Development at the Development Policy and Practice, discusses the significance of global value chains during Duke's Global Summit on Governance and Development in a Value Chain World.