Dr. Joseph Hanlon, senior Lecturer,Development Policy and Practice at Open University, gives the historical background of land redistribution in Zimbabwe. He argues that several prominent Settlers have predicted that land ownership will be contentious issue in Zimbabwe.

Speakers: Dr Joseph Hanlon, Dr Jeanette Manjengwa, Teresa Smart

Recorded on Monday 28 January 2013 in New Theatre, East Building.


A discussion with the authors of the new book, Zimbabwe Takes Back its Land which offers a nuanced assessment of land reform, countering the dominant media narratives of oppression and economic stagnation in Zimbabwe.

Joseph Hanlon is a visiting senior lecturer at the Open University.

Jeanette Manjengwa is deputy director of the Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare.

Teresa Smart is a visiting fellow at the Institute of Education, University of London.

Rebecca Hanlin discusses biomedical technologies in a global development context. 

Innogen research on existing biomedical technologies highlights the multiplicity of factors that impact, because we take a novel social-science based approach. 


Julius Mugwagwa discusses agro-biotechnology and food security.

By working across sectors and advocating a multi-layered approach, Innogen helps countries find solutions to successfully harness and govern these new technologies. 


Dinar Kale discusses regulation and innovation. 

Innovation and regulation go hand-in-hand. Innogen works hard to understand this interconnected relationship in order to ensure that safety is maintained without stifling advances that can help improve and save lives.