OU International Development Seminar Series 

A new focus on results? Improving basic services in Ethiopia and Somaliland

Henrietta Blackmore

Save the Children

Head, East Africa Regional Portfolio Team 


The funding environment for overseas aid and development is becoming increasingly complex, and donors continue to introduce stricter requirements to demonstrate value for money and effectiveness.  This seminar will explore current trends, focusing on Save the Children’s work in Ethiopia to consider the possible impact on our work and useful responses for NGOs and government partners.

OU International Development Seminar Series

Biotechnologies and health innovation: how are communities engaging in South African HIV vaccine clinical trial sites? 

Dr. Mary Upton

The Open University

To watch video of the seminar: http://podcast.open.ac.uk/pod/International-Development-20140903#!f3dc3b...


At the end of October 2014, Professor Raphael Kaplinsky attended Duke University’s high-profile Duke Global Summit on Governance and Development in a Value Chain World to take part in the panel discussion, Academic Reflections on Global Value Chains.