Dr Simon Bell

Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

I am fascinated by relationships and wholeness. My  whole career has been concerned with integrating life  practice and reflection on practice: as a international consultant, Director of a research institute, teacher and researcher. The Open University allows me to integrate life and work for example by being a teleworker. I'm only interested in ideas that have practical application.  Wherever possible I aim to do things, research them and teach about them. So for example I aim for a sustainable life with my own powerstation which I monitor and write about.

Sustainable Communities

Above all the concept of Sustainabile Community is what fires me the most. It captures the sum of much of my experience so far and acts as a nexus for what I do now and will do in the future.  Currently I integrate an large EC Framework 7 project with co-funding from the UK's Homes and Communities Agency into a set of Virtual learning resources for professional and lay communities to develop their sustainable vision.

Information Systems Design

Facilitating the accommodation of multiperspectives is a theme that also pervades my work on Information Systems Design where I have  co-authored a multi-perspective methodology called multiview.


Recent output
I have over 100 publications including five books, but the three outputs which I am most proud of are:
  • My recent book (2008) "Sustainability Indicators: measuring the immeasurable". London. Earthscan. (Book link
  • The year I spent working with Radio Norfolk as a studio guest talking about sustainability issues
  • My current work with the Homes and Communities Agency - working with them on the Creating Sustainable Communities course.  

I was Course Team Chair of the third level systems course: Managing Complexity: a systems approach. I have also production chaired the post graduate courses: The Information Systems Toolkit, and Management Information Systems.

I am working on a Virtual Learning Environment version of a Creating Sustainable Communities Course.

Dr Simon Bell

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