Dr Masuma Farooki

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Masuma Farooki is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Development Policy and Practice Unit at the Open University (UK). She has an MPhil in Development Studies (IDS, Sussex) and a PhD in Development Policy (The Open University). Her research focus has been on the direct and indirect impact of China’s demand for commodities and on other developing countries, particularly in Africa. Her current work focuses on the repercussions for the global economy associated with China's status as a large expanding developing country.

In 2010, she was awarded the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) prize for excellence in development research for submission of article titled; ‘China’s Metals Demand and Commodity Prices; A Case of Disruptive Development’.

Her research focuses on the drivers of the 2003-2011 commodity price boom. In light of fundamental shifts taking place in hard commodity demand, supply and price setting mechanisms, the resource curse tenets have become challengeable and resource rich developing countries have an opportunity to experience commodity based growth.

She has been engaged in a number of research projects including contributions to the Asian Drivers and Making the Most of Commodities Program (MMCP) at the Open University. The Asian Drivers program looks at how and why China and India drive growth in other developing countries.

The Making the Most of Commodities Program is run jointly by the Open University and the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The program looks at potential opportunities for resource rich countries in SSA, particularly in developing and expanding linkages from the commodity sectors.

Asia's rise and the economic implications for Europe, the UK and Africa

Implications of China's rise for Africa - Dr. Masuma Farooki

Promoting Industrial Diversification in Resource Intensive Economies 2012

This publication by UNIDO titled 'Promoting Industrial Diversification in Resource Intensive Economies – The Examples of Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia Regions' covers the key issues researchers, policymakers and industrial stakeholders need to be aware of to promote industrial diversification in resource intensive ...

Dr Masuma Farooki

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