Dr Linda Shaw

Head of Research, the Co-operative College

Dr Linda Shaw is Head of Research at the Co-operative College in Manchester and is currently leading a research and policy programme into co-operatives and international development with a focus on trade, co-operative governance and education.
She has worked at the College since 2002 developing co-operative member education programmes as well as undertaking other research programmes into co-operative governance in the developing world, gender issues and Fair Trade. She co-manages the College’s work in Africa as a partner in the UN CoopAfrica programme.
Prior to joining the College, Linda worked at the University of Manchester and has also held posts with the International Labour Organisation in India and with the Open University in the UK. Now working in the field of international development, Linda has a doctorate in history and has published widely in a number of both academic books and journals.

Co-operatives, Uganda, resilience, co-operative values and principles, markets, networks, innovation 

Understanding rural co-operative resilience

The research project explores whether and in what ways co-operatives are resilient social and economic organisations. By investigating the distinctive nature of the co-operative model, the project aims to provide insights on limiting and enabling factors that might be required for the development of resilience at the level of co-operatives.

The project focuses on Malawi where co-operati...