Letsema Mbayi

Research Student

Letsema has a background in economic development having received a Bachelor Business Science in Economics and a Masters of Commerce in Applied Development Economics, both from the University of Cape Town. Her PhD research is around the development of backward linkages in Botswana’s diamond industry. As part of her PhD research she worked on the Making the Most of Commodities Program investigating the breath and depth of linkages in Botswana’s diamond cutting and polishing industry. Based on this work her specific PhD focus is on investigating skills and technology and their role in the development of the Botswana’s diamond cutting and polishing industry.

Title of Research:

Downstream Skills Development: The Case of Botswana’s Diamond Cutting and Polishing Industry


Prof. Raphie Kaplinsky
Dr. Becky Hanlin

Research Areas and Interests:

The development of value-added activities in the commodity sector.

Letsema Mbayi

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