Dr Chris High

Lecturer in Engineering and Innovation

I have degrees in mathematics and analytical biology, but my PhD was at the Open University, looking at learning and communication in sustainable development. After a post-doc in a geography department I returned to the fold as an OU lecturer in 2004.

I'm interested in understanding and facilitating sustainable development in practice, as well as applied social research methodologies.  I've worked in Europe, Africa and Asia on rural development, governance and adaptation to climate change.  I'm particularly interested in the application of technologies such as participatory video to facilitating social learning.

My research includes recent work on public engagement with health research, participatory practice, and evaluation in rural development.

Previous  work includes co-organising the 2011 Visual Methods Conference, action research on community development in Hungary and policy research on climate adaptation in 
Scotland for the CLIMSAVE project.


I currently contribute to the postgraduate training working group and the new VRE, which brings together and develops research training material from across the university. I've been course team chair for T156 - Digital Film School and T214 - Understanding systems: Making sense of complexity. I also contribute to the postgraduate research skills training programme, and the Creative Climate project.

Dr Christopher High

Engineering and Innovation
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

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