Dr Belinda Wu

Research Fellow

Belinda joined OU in January 2016 as a Research Fellow in Development Policy and Planning. Upon completion of a PhD in Human Geography with University of Leeds in 2013, she became the named researcher for the ESRC project SYLLS to generate a synthetic microdata for UK Longitudinal Study in the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL, where she also used a Complexity approach to study the International Development Aid for the EPSRC project Enfolding 2014-15.

Previously she worked on two ESRC projects: Moses and Genesis at University of Leeds. Both ambitiously attempt to provide a generic modelling and simulation basis for various decision making support and e-Social Science research. She also had 3 years’ Transport planning and policy research experience at University of Ulster, where she obtained an MSc with distinction in Computing and Information Systems. She is also a FRGS and MIILT.