Dr Ann King'iri

Visiting Research Fellow

Ann holds a Bsc and Msc degree in agriculture (University of Nairobi), Master Degree in Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology (E-biosafety), UNIDO/BECA and Mache Polytechnic University, Italy. She is currently pursuing a PhD in regulatory innovations entitled “An Enquiry into Biosafety Regulations Implementation in Kenya: Perspectives and Roles of Scientists”. It investigates the regulatory dynamics around governance of new innovations (agric modern biotechnology) and the role of scientists as innovation drivers. This research has both theoretical and policy implications, important for recommendations around responsible and productive policy and practice, for economic development. 

Ann feels that having been in DPP which is a multi-disciplinary setting involving researchers in development and interdisciplinary research has been important for her, having shifted from biological science which was her traditional academic training to social science.

Before joining DPP in 2006, Ann worked as regulatory scientist in Kenya. As a technical and biosafety expert, she has been involved in the drafting and legalization of biotechnology and biosafety policy instruments in Kenya and partly in Uganda and Tanzania. She has worked with various groups (academia, government, Non governmental organizations, farming communities, professionals in biotechnology, biosafety and technology policy arena) in Kenya and outside Kenya, particularly Africa and a few countries in the North.

Dr Ann King'iri

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