Mr Alexander Bud

Full Time Student

I began to research Africa during my BA in Modern History at Queen's College, Oxford. During my dissertation research I worked with Dr Sanjaya Lall to make a historical study of technological capabilities and skill flows in Ghanaian small-scale manufacturing industries. I later completed an MSc in African Studies at the University of Edinburgh, in which I did my research with the London Nigerian community, with a focus on creative industries and issues of  distribution and new markets for Nigerian films. Prior to joining the OU, I carried out a research project looking at the first government attempt to regulate the Nigerian film industry.

My doctoral research is on production in the film industries in Nigeria and Ghana. I am a buiding a new creative industries approach that combines the informal economies literature with the anthropological concept of cultural improvisation pioneered by Tim Ingold and Karin Barber. I am particularly interested in the capabilities of technical workers such as costumers, make-up artists, cinematographers, set-designers and carpenters. I have also carried out research on  Nigeria's Censors Board and the distribution of Nollywood films. I hope that my work will provide both concrete strategies for these sectors and expand our theoretical understanding of the creative industries.