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Alexander Borda-Rodriguez is a Research Fellow in the Strategic Research Area in International Development and Inclusive Development. He holds an MA in Development Economics from the University of East Anglia and a PhD in International Development from The Open University (OU). Before joining the OU, he worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation in Ecuador. He also worked as a research fellow and lecturer in the area of international development at Dalhousie University (Canada), Universidad Católica de Cuenca (Ecuador) and Universidad Mayor de San Simon (Bolivia). He held a visiting fellowship at the International Development Studies Programme at Saint Mary’s University (Canada), over the years he has conducted extensive fieldwork and collaborative research work in Malawi, Peru, Ecuador, Canada, Bolivia and the UK.

Alexander is a member of international editorial board of OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology and Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine. He has also setup and leads the interdisciplinary research group ITOESS  at the Universidad Católica de Cuenca (Ecuador), ITOESS is an interdisciplinary group that draws on international development and systems engineering, it explores the development and application of inclusive technologies and the role of ICTs in the context of social enterprises in Ecuador. 

Alexander’s research interests are in the area of politics of inclusive development and innovation in the Global South. Over the last four years his research has been focused on inclusive organisational structures such as social enterprises (i.e. co-operatives and associations) and inclusive innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. His previous work explored the politics of knowledge for development and development aid in low income countries.


Alexander has taught both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At the OU he taught the postgraduate module Development Context and Practice (T877) and currently teaches a module on inclusive development at the Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership. He has also co-written case study material for distance learning teaching, which can be found on the Open Educational Resources website. This material is available to everyone interested in rural co-operative resilience in developing countries.

He welcomes PhD proposals in the area of inclusive development, particularly in relation to social enterprises, organisational resilience in developing countries and the politics of inclusive innovation. Alexander is currently co-supervising the following PhD students:

  • Chris Willman, ‘Children’s Contribution to Child Labour in Bolivia’ (with Prof. Helen Yanacopulos and Dr. Agnes Czajka)
  • Carlos Encalada ‘Inclusive ICTs in the context of Social and Solidarity Economy organisations, the case of Ecuador’ (with Dr. Claudia Pons and Dr. Leandro Antonelli), National University of La Plata (Argentina).

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