Date: Wednesday 15th April at 12.30pm Venue: Room 00-13, Ground Floor Chambers. The seminar will be given by Theo Papaioannou, Julius Mugwagwa, Dinar Kale and Andrew Watkins, DPP, The Open Universit
The Innovation, Knowledge and Development Centre (IKD) and the Development, Policy and Practice Group (DPP) want to invite you to the workshop Towards Inclusive Innovation, Asian Drivers, Global Value Chains and the Role of Commodities: Celebrating Raphael Kaplinsky’s Research on Thursday, 18 June 2015, from 12:30 - 18:30
In keynote address to African Centre for Technology Studies event, Professor Norman Clark calls on African Union to revisit its approach to innovation.
Prof. Norman Clarke to advise on an EU/NEPAD project on African fish trade. The project is called ‘Improving Food Security and Reducing Poverty through intra-regional Fish Trade in sub-Saharan Africa
The Development Policy and Practice (DPP) group has again been successful in its annual bid for Commonwealth Scholarships.