New book on the future of International NGOs



A book launch of Helen Yanacopulos’s new book at the OU’s Regional Centre in London was attended by academics and people working for development organisations and the media. The launch was introduced by Professor Jude Howell from the London School of Economics, who outlined the book’s main theme: how International NGOs – or INGOs - are shaping our views and vision of development. Helen Yanacopulos has been working with and studying INGOs as a ‘critical friend’ for thirty years and has observed how the INGO world has dramatically changed. Based on a large number of interviews, her book critically analyses the engagement of INGOs within the contemporary international development landscape, enabling readers to understand better INGOs' involvement in the politics of social change. She concludes that INGOs could achieve their aims more effectively through solidarity rather than charity, by working together more closely with other INGOs and by using social media to find new ways of engaging northern publics.

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