Civil society organisations join Brussels workshop on 'European Agroecological Practices'



The OU held a workshop on 'European Agroecological Practices: Action-research for a transformative role' In Brussels on 24-25 May. Attracting over twenty participants, the workshop featured four thematic sessions with 13 presentations, plus a session with civil society organisations (CSOs) on their strategies and joint action-research with academics. 

Several recurrent issues were discussed: How do agroecological practices make agri-food innovation more socially inclusive? How are agroecological practices being incorporated into the dominant productivist agro-food system or else challenging and transforming that system?  How to develop methods for joint research (between academics, CSOs and farmers) for transformative aims?  How to establish ongoing means of knowledge-exchange around such issues? 

The event was organized by Les Levidow, with funds from the OU's Priority Research Agenda (PRA) on International Development and Inclusive Innovation.  Documents are posted at .