Aid and international development: Past, present and future

OU International Development Seminar Series  

Aid and international development: Past, present and future

Prof. Myles Wickstead,

Development Policy & Practice,

The Open University.


OU Visiting Professor (International Relations) Myles Wickstead will set out the evolution of aid and development thinking since the end of the Second World War, placing it firmly in the geo-political context of the post-war settlement, decolonisation and the Cold War. He will look at the evolution of the International Development Targets and the Millennium Development Goals, and the prospects for a new set of Sustainable Development Goals in the context of a rapidly changing world economic and political order. He will suggest that aid can make an important contribution to development, but that policy coherence for development also means looking at - for example - other factors such as trade and agricultural policies. He will conclude by looking at likely trends in aid and development policy over the coming 15 years, including an increasing focus on global public goods. Development is a global challenge that must be addressed globally.


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