Asia Rising: A New Oriental Globalisation? - A symposium

Ben Lampert, Giles Mohan

Attracting more than 60 participants, together with papers and presentations of an extremely high quality, we're pleased to announce that the Asia Rising Symposium, held on 26 June, was a huge success. We'd very much like the event to be the first of many, so please do let us know your suggestions for future events.

Thank you to everyone who contributed so much to the day. You can access the presentations (PowerPoints, papers and podcasts) via the links below.
Best wishes, 
Giles Mohan and Ben Lampert



Welcome Address

Tim Blackman, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Scholarship), The Open University
Giles Mohan, Development Policy and Practice, The Open University
Opening remarks
Session 1: Markets 
Devendra Kodwani (The Open University Business School) 
Regulation of markets for public utilities in India: searching for a semi‐visible hand 
Andrew Lindridge (The Open University Business School) 
Middle class consumption in China and India: all change or retrenchment of cultural positions? 
Raphie Kaplinsky (Development Policy and Practice, The Open University) 
Will the Asian Drivers be a source of Pro‐Poor Innovation? 
Masuma Farooki (Development Policy and Practice, The Open University) 
Why China's commodity demand is challenging development debates
Mike Morris (Economics, University of Cape Town) 
Global value chains and supplier development: Do Asian and Northern owned mines in Zambia behave the same? 
Session 2: Mobilities 
Monica Dowling (Social Work, The Open University) 
Globalisation and Orientalism – Chinese child care in transition 
Click here to view Monica's paper
Melissa Butcher (Geography, The Open University) 
Navigating 'New' Delhi: the experience of living in an Indian global city 
Click here to view Melissa's paper: Cultures of commuting: the mobile negotiation of space and subjectivity on Delhi's Metro
Click here to view Melissa's paper: Navigating 'New' Delhi: moving between difference and belonging in a globalising city 
Ben Lampert (Development Policy and Practice, The Open University) 
Chinese migrants in Africa: the next imperialists or new agents of development?
Pál Nyiri (Social and Cultural Anthropology, VU University Amsterdam) 
Human flows in Chinese globalization
Click here to view Pál's paper 
Session 3: (Geo)politics 
Giles Mohan (Development Policy and Practice, The Open University) 
China’s resource diplomacy in Africa: powering development? 
Parvati Raghuram (Geography, The Open University) 
The challenge of migration in a multi‐polar world
Alessandra Marino (OECUMENE, Politics and International Studies, The Open University)
Whose nation? Whose development? Resisting orientalism in the Narmada Valley
Discussion led by Uma Kothari (Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester)
Session 4: Agendas
Jan Nederveen Pieterse (Global and International Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara)
Asia Rising: Growth or Emancipation? 

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