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Is the Tata Nano an example of ‘inclusive innovation’? What about solar lighting? How do we determine what is inclusive or pro-poor? Is it about the degree of income generation or saving that is created, the degree of viable business opportunity that a new product creates or is it about the process of innovation around the product more generally?

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By Julius Mugwagwa

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Mission Possible

by Julius Mugwagwa, recently in South Africa and Zimbabwe 

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  All’s Fair in Love and War

by Farah Huzair

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 ‘Good will’: a tale of two countries

By Alexander Borda-Rodriguez

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From “Jua Kali” to Toiling in the Mud: The Plight of Informal Woodworkers in Gikomba Market

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There are three main ways of getting round Uganda if you do not have your own means of transport—taxis popularly known as special hire in Uganda, Toyota mini bus (Ugandan version of a Taxi) aka ‘Matatu’ in East Africa and motor cycle taxi called ‘boda boda’.

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I’m currently at an energy and international development event in Kenya.  This is the first time I’ve really forayed into the field of energy.  However, I see that its full of examples of potentially inclusive innovations.  There are improved cooking stoves that can be locally made which use less wood or charcoal and produce less emissions.

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I do not know whether I should call it innovation or not. Well, to the extent that something new has been done may suffice to give it this label which is becoming increasingly popular particularly amongst academics. If we can call it innovation then it appears providers of public transport services in Nairobi are “over-innovating”.

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Notes from the AfricaLics Academy Innovation and Development in Africa Conference, 19th - 30th November, 2012, Moi University, Kenya

1. The People and The Challenges