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Development with Apology: The Despondency in the African Rising Narrative 

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The place the snow peas comes from: Nyeri to Milton Keynes via Nairobi and London; 

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How My First Day in Fieldwork Pushed Me into Jogging 

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How inclusive of African people and places are low-cost technologies from China and India? To answer this question we first need to clarify the concept of inclusiveness. Inclusiveness describes relational processes of equalisation of resources, welfare or capabilities which enable people to meet their basic needs and therefore prevent them from becoming marginalised and deprived.

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In the wake of the sixth Forum on China–Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Johannesburg last month, the focus has been on the high-level trade, aid and investment deals that have emerged.

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Sitting in a traffic jam with four ambulances nearby, all with blue lights flashing but crawling no faster than me, is a reminder that in this privatised city, having money does not get you to the hospital any faster. Dhaka is a city of 17 million with no metro, few functioning traffic lights, and only 263 municipal buses.

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I have sometimes described Atlanta to my British friends as a ‘hot Milton Keynes’ –very green and suburban, lots of criss-crossing motorways, with a large mall in the centre.  It has blisteringly hot summers – daily highs in July average a humid 32C.

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Can developments in the social economy help address some of the contradictions in a globalised world? Can the social economy foster a new way of thinking about how we do business? What are the challenges for enterprises that have social goals rather than profit at their core?

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Whose Growth? Which Innovation?

Theo Papaioannou

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Pharmaceutical Standards: A Challenging Balancing Act

Dinar Kale