Help us to launch our DPP International Studentship Fund

For 30 years, DPP has been offering students access to world-class research, results-focused academic debate and high-quality teaching.  Furthermore, DPP recognises the importance of training students who are from the developing world themselves; individuals who possess an inherent understanding of the challenges and problems facing their particular country or region.
This is why we are launching a DPP International Studentship Fund to ensure that talented students from developing countries have the chance to change not only their own life, but the lives of those in desperate need of improved schools, healthcare and local government.

The DPP International Studentship Fund will support students from the developing world to study for a PhD in Development Policy and Practice with us for three years, at our award winning campus in Milton Keynes. Combining local knowledge with internal expertise, these graduates will become an essential part of our graduate community and will be invaluable in forming sustainable solutions.
Professor David Wield, Professor of Innovation and Development at The Open University, recognises the value of forming such international teams to address global issues. To kick start the DPP International Studentship Fund, he has therefore made an exceptionally generous donation of £10,000. We now need further support to help grow this fund further.

By making a donation of today and helping to launch our DPP International Studentship Fund, you can help a student to generate real improvements in the lives and prospects of people across the globe.

How to contribute

1. Using on-line link for donation

and where it asks you 'Where would you like to direct your gift?' please select 'DPP International Studentship Fund'

2. Using form for regular donation

If you want to give a regular donation then you need to print off a hard copy of the attached direct debit form to sign. The code at the top ensures the money comes to DPP fund.


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As well as having fantastic supervisors and many opportunities to attend relevant conferences, workshops and so on, a distinctive feature of doing a doctorate at DPP is that you are completely integrated into the unit, in the same way as academic staff.

Adele Langois